Plastic Section Modulus Equation

Figure 2 effective shear area calculations zero stress must be positioned so that it divides the area of section into two equal parts as shown in figure 7c since plastic modulus 2 4 bending of singly symmetrical sections typical sections utilisation of the plastic part stress strain curve for steel enables moments in excess those which just cause yield to be carried

Figure 2 Effective Shear Area Calculations


Zero Stress Must Be Positioned So That It Divides The Area Of Section Into Two Equal Parts As Shown In Figure 7c Since Plastic Modulus

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2 4 Bending Of Singly Symmetrical Sections

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Typical Sections

Section Modulus Totalconstructionhelp

Utilisation Of The Plastic Part Stress Strain Curve For Steel Enables Moments In Excess Those Which Just Cause Yield To Be Carried

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